Thursday, 20 November 2014

I've had expensive hobbies in my time

Well I have.  But if I were to start this one it would really take the biscuit.  Whilst I was idly looking for stitch diagrams for Mary Hurst 1661 I happened upon some needlework that I thought, oh that's really cute (I know I'm not usually into cute things) but as you can see this is really something with different stitches and everything and it kinda appealed to my rough side and she is very cute.

So I went hunting because she appears on so many Pinterest Boards and I finally found the blog that it originally belonged to (persistent little devil aren't I?).  The blog is called It's Not Your Grandmother's Needlepoint and it is painted needlework where you can buy it like this

wait for it, for $133.00 without any threads or anything.  Somehow I don't think this will be in my future (not my live future if DH finds out) but I do like it and a whole lot more that is there because she really has a lovely shop in the States.  I used to buy from the States all the time but with the postage prices having risen so much and that darned £8.00 fee for charging me the 20% VAT, I stopped and now just swallow the fact I'm paying £'s for $'s all the time because if I brought it in I wouldn't save any money and just get really annoyed at the £8.00 handling fee!

So if you aren't into stitch Reproduction Samplers in Silk like I am go on girl go for it, that's if you can afford it of course.  My DH would kill me if I spent that much on one piece.  Ummm don't think he has any idea about my samplers and let's just keep it that way shall we.  Shhhhh silence is truly golden.

By the way just as an addendum if you live in the U.K. Sew and So have reduced their AVAS 
Soie d'Alger Silk Embroidery Thread from £3.25 a skein to £2.70 a skein and now they are the cheapest in the UK and what's more they have every single colour in stock.  YAY Sew and Sew!!!

Oh yeah and I almost forgot.  Our younger grandson - this is him

called DH a Cucumber and me a Pumpkin.  Maybe I should diet (you do realise that this is die with a t on the end) again!

Hugs until next time

Patti xxx
American by birth and MOUTH
but British in every other way possible

P.S. Please leave me a comment if you like or loathe anything because I love hearing what YOU have to say.

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