Sunday, 13 December 2015

NIL by Mouth

My poor Stacy is still in Watford General Hospital and it's now 3 and a half weeks! If you remember it started with a Crohn's attack and a chest infection almost 4 weeks ago.

Larry and I have been ill since last Tuesday so that was the last time we saw her until today.  We have spoken to her every day. 

We still aren't well but she was really fed up and I could tell, because she texted me yesterday not to phone so I got really upset and didn't sleep at all last night.  I tried everything to get to sleep but it just wasn't happening.  I texted Stacy but no answer.  Finally I phoned around 10ish and she sounded absolutely awful.

What did I do?  I thought sod it just go there and spend 5 minutes with her but don't get close.  Also to take up my Kindle because her one has stopped working even though it's only a year old, if that.

So we both got dressed and Larry took me because he hates the way I take off and put on the wheelchair from the car and the new hoist is so slow it's like a turtle and I'm not very good at it to be honest, but I'm only telling you guys.  Larry NEVER reads FB he thinks it's terrible and he never reads my blogs either, so I'm safe so long as YOU don't tell him.

I went in and Stacy was hooked up to two new drips and was totally out of it.  She is also nil by mouth which further concerned me as it means she isn't taking any of her medication.

I asked the nurse what was going on and if the Crohns team had been to see Stacy, because Stacy told me they were coming.  The nurse looked at me like 'and who do you think you are?'  So I said to the nice nurse 'I'm her mother'.  The nurse stepped back and apologised and said 'Sorry, I thought you were her sister.'  I can take that. Don't know how Stacy would feel about it.  Does that mean she looks really old or I look really young.  I'll go for the second option, but really don't think I do.

The nurse told me that the surgeon and his team were coming tomorrow to discuss what to do as Stacy was still in a lot of pain.  I really didn't take that well at all.  I told her that under no circumstances could they possibly operate because she has, apart from everything else, PVOD.  The Nurse had absolutely no idea what this was.  Surprise Surprise!  I explained the basic ins and outs of it but am still not sure she understood me.  She gave me the phone number of the ward so I, Larry, could phone in the morning and let the day staff know exactly what is wrong with her and to warn the Surgeons that if they operate they will kill her.

Stacy was sleeping this whole time except for when I tried to wake her up by gently shaking her leg and she opened her eyes and I left her an Apple plug and my Kindle, which I can manage without because I have other ways of reading - like my phone which is fine to read on. But I'm not sure she will remember I was there.

When Stacy is awake she really is fed up with being in hospital and I certainly don't blame her.  She isn't well and has spent most of the last 5 months in one hospital or another.  It really sucks!!!  And I really feel for her.

The whole thing is truly heartbreaking.  I so want her to be able to go on an unforgettable holiday and I so hope she gets better soon to be able to go.  The pledges have stopped because my goal was reached, but I didn't think they would and I hate being greedy but as my son said I should have checked how much everything was going to cost before I put a sum up.  I just thought of a number and away we went, regardless if the amount is enough or not.

Please get better soon my Stacy because we love and miss you, and if you were well we would be seeing you all the time but we don't want you to get sicker by catching whatever we have.

All my Love Forever

Mum xxxxxx

Friday, 4 December 2015

Please Help If You Can

This photo was taken 2 years ago when
Stacy was better than she currently is.

Please help if you possibly can.  Our younger Daughter, Stacy, has been ill for most of her life with Crohn's Disease which is debilitating to say the least.

However about 12 weeks ago Stacy was diagnosed with PVOD which stands for Pulminary Veno-Occlusive Disease.  This disease is so rare it is rare even in the realm of rare diseases, and always terminal with a median time of 2 years from diagnosis.  However Watford General Hospital knew she had Pulminary Hypertension last June, so we have no idea how long she has had this for.  This disease is so rare that only 1 in 10,000,000 - yes you've read this right it's one in ten million people have this.

This has been really awful for all of us, but especially for Stacy, and all she wants is one last holiday with her family, but we don't have the resources to give this to her as we are both just Pensioners on the State Pension.

One night when I couldn't sleep I suddenly thought of Crowd Funding by Just Giving so I have made a page for her where you can donate anything from £10.00.  Every single donation will be so gratefully received.  Here is the link to our page.

Thank you so much for even reading this and we are really grateful for everything donated.

Patti xxx
American by birth and MOUTH
but British in every other way

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Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Explanation

I know it's been ages, but so much has happened in our lives it just isn't true.

Our younger daughter Stacy, middle child - well woman really, had been ill for quite some time with Crohns, amongst other things, and every time she was admitted to our local hospital instead of waiting to see if she was actually having a Crohns attack they just put her on intravenous steroids.

I don't know if you are aware, but, as usual, there is a price to pay for everything you put in your mouth - be it food or medicine.  Well the upside of steroids is they cure whatever ails you quite fast but the downside of them is they can cause all kinds of nasty things.  So along with the Crohns she now has had, for quite some time, Osteoporosis, Avascular Necrosis of both hips (this means they are dead), had her left hip replaced twice and it still isn't any good, the surgeon who replaced it both times left her without a left hip for 9 months. She also has Fibromyalgia and rotting teeth, which all have to be removed, and Watford General Hospital, or somebody there, told her she had a heart murmur.

Call me stupid but I thought you were born with a heart murmur and it wasn't something that just happened later in life.  She does not have a heart murmur.  It turned out she had something way worse.

The last time she was discharged from WFGH, in June, they said that they would refer her to Hammersmith Hospital.  Well nothing happened.  And she kept on getting really swollen up.  She looked like she was on steroids big time, but wasn't.  Her whole body was so swollen it was untrue, so much so that she was unable to even open her eyes because they were swollen shut.  Finally she called our local doctor and he took one look at her and made an appointment for her to be seen at Hammersmith Hospital on Monday 17th August.

An Ambulance took her to Watford General Hospital on 31st July, and Larry and I went before her to complain and wait for her to arrive. Stupid us, we didn't complain but just waited there for two hours for the ambulance to bring her.  We had our two eldest grandchildren with us and Stacy eventually arrived at around 5pm.  At 6 we left Stacy there and took the children for something to eat. The children and I got back to the hospital around 7.  At 1a.m. a doctor came and said that there was nothing they could do for her because it was the weekend and there were no doctors on and if they admitted her she would not make her appointment on Monday at Hammersmith.  I was so angry and I told the doctor that if anything happened to Stacy over the weekend I was holding her 100% responsible.  Didn't seem to even phase her.

Stacy was admitted to Hammersmith Hospital on August 17.  We were told later that week that what she had was rare even in the realm of rare diseases and it affected around one in 10,000,000 people and that it was incurable.  Well I've lived with Multiple Sclerosis for many many years and that's incurable so I thought so she'll manage.  What we didn't know until the following week that what, in fact, she has is a very rare form of Pulmonary Hypertension called PVOD which, well you can read it for yourself because I sure don't want to go into the ins and outs of it and cry I shall be doing again.

Stacy was in Hammersmith Hospital for 8 weeks and we went every day and sometimes twice a day there and back so she could go out and have her hair done, out for lunch a couple of times back to Watford, and have her nails done as the polish had to come off for a procedure.  It was about a 35mile a day journey if we went there and back once a day.

But I have to say that as bad as Watford General have been over the years that's how good Hammersmith were.  And when we explained that her Gastro doctor at Watford had put her down as a Hypochondriac, and we believed him I'm ashamed to say, the new doctor who is amazing said she was anything but and was in fact a very sick young lady - well she looks young.

This is why I've been missing for so long and why my sewing machine is still in it's box and all the rest of my stitching hasn't been touched.  No matter how much I want to do something I just can't.
See you soon
Patti xxx
American by birth and MOUTH
but British in every other way

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Sunday, 30 August 2015

No explanation

I will be gone for a while but I will be back sooner or later.

Patti x

Thursday, 9 July 2015

This is Amazing

Hi Anyone out there

If there is anyone out there.  Anyway I came across this video about the sewing method of cross stitch, which I really like, and thought I would share it.  I'm not entirely sure how to do this but I shall try.  Sorry I couldn't figure out to to do this.  But I will put a link here so that you can see how Louise May Glennon does it.

Louise Mae Glennon Stitching and using a Hoop

Hope you like this as much as I do because I really prefer to stitch whilst sort of watching TV and using a hoop when stitching anything small.

Until next time


Patti xxx

Friday, 22 May 2015

I know it's been over a month - sorry

So sorry people.  But on the other hand I have decided that I have lost my teeny tiny mind - that's if I have one.  Why?  Because I was going to kit up Mary Gail - that's her underneath here

as stitched by Nicola Parkman
The link is to Nicola's Blog

with fabric and silks (mad woman) when I already have Mary Hurst kitted up and ready to go.  I really am totally nuts.  And this is Mary Hurst here

Mary Hurst 1661
with linen and silks and everything.  Mad as a hatter that's me.  Can I blame my MS on this.  No I think not.  Just pure crazy I am.  This I have decided all by myself without any help from my DH - in fact he didn't even know what I was going to do.  Thank g-d for that!

Again by Nicola Parkman

Nicola has actually finished Part V but I haven't even started it yet. To be utterly truthful I think that Mary Hurst is scaring me but I shall do what Nicola did and have a piece of cloth that I can practice some of the stitches on.  Okay not some mainly one ... the detached buttonhole which scares me to death but it does look gorgeous.

I also have started a teeny bit on The American Quaker Sampler byThe Scarlet Letter too and that is also kitted up with silk. Britta Jenkinson was stitching this about 6 years ago and it was love at first sight. 

And I have had And They Sinned for years with a teeny tiny bit done and obviously this one is kitted up too with all the Sampler Threads it called for.

And They Sinned
(aka as ATS)

So all in all I am not buying another thing.  Except I have already and I will show you as soon as my lazy ass get's off this couch and takes a photo of all that I have bought to replace what I sold five years ago. Well one needs stash doesn't one?  (how British does that sound.)

Finally if you have Multiple Sclerosis or know of somebody that does please let them know I have a new blog on it.  Why suddenly?  Because I thought maybe, but maybe I could help somebody.  The blog's address is My Multiple Sclerosis how original is that??? NOT I know!

Until next time.

Lots of Hugs

Patti xxx

Saturday, 4 April 2015

How to Dye Fabric and some GREAT designs

I don't know if you realise this but as well as loving to stitch very large reproduction samplers I also love stitching little things.  Now I love freebies for this but I also love designs made by my friend Nathalie which she sells on Etsy as PDF files which I really love because there is no postage to be paid.  I HATE paying postage.

I also wanted to know how to dye fabric.  I have loads of fabric but not always the color I want so... What do you do?  You ask your friend which is exactly what I did.  You see my friend Nathalie dyes her own fabric too and I generally love the colors she gets.  Here are some of her charts that I just HAD to buy because I loved them so much.  Nathalie's shop is called The Blue Attic:

Tiny Birds were Singing
and the price of this PDF
is £9.64

Constant Friend PDF
and the price of this is
Needle Roll PDF
and the price of this is
ABC Rabbit PDF
And the price of this beauty is
Now courtesy of Nathalie who actually lives in France and no the USA here is how she colors her fabric (I copied this off of an email she sent me via Etsy and I also have her permission to share this with you):

Linen and staining !!!!

I buy white linen (32 count)
I stitch my patterns
then I sew (pillow / pouch or else)
then I iron
then the staining moment !!!lol

Well dear !!!!! I buy walnut crystals here

then I prepare 3 jars of a mixture !!!

1st step:
Mix 1 teaspoon of crystals with 1/2 cup of hot water

Divide this first mixture in 3 jars

1/3 : it is your first jar with the darkest mixture
1/3: add some water to get a "medium" dark mixture
1/3 : add more water than in the second one to have a lighter mixture

Always start with the lighter mixture
(I use a large brush to stain my stitchery)
then use the medium mixture to darken some zone
and only use the darkest mixture with caution, just to add some spots but not everywhere ....

I then put my stitchery in the micro wave oven for 40 seconds to 60 seconds.
If I am not satisfied with the color, I use the brush again with the medium mixture.
I put it again in the oven.
I let the stitchery dry completely and then I iron it

If you don't want any creases, do not wring your stitchery while staining it ...

Nathalie has so many beautiful things in her shop to stitch please go and have a look at them.  The initial few things are more expensive because they are stitched and ready to go so please don't be put off.  Her shop again is The Blue Attic and in case this link just shows you the UK site and you want to go to her Etsy store in your own country try this link The Blue Attic and her name on Etsy is nathaliepoppy.  Have a lovely weekend and please leave me a comment so I know you've been here.

Hope you enjoyed this.
Patti xxx

Friday, 20 March 2015

I know I'm addicted to Freebies

and stitching of course except I still can't.  But I can look, can't I? Of course I can!  Sorry I haven't been around lately but I figured I had nothing to share and you wouldn't be interested in my babbling over nothing.

Hopefully darn thumb will be fixed on Monday morning but if not then the following week.  I miss stitching so much.  But my poor thumb really burns and hurts and it is weirdest trigger finger (or thumb) you've ever seen because instead of bending down it sticks straight up and can't bend - at least not without excruciating pain.

Okay change of subject from thumb.  I have been looking at smalls because I have quite a few big things to stitch - one needs a bit of frogging and the rest have yet to be started.  And I really like stitching smalls and making them up - always have - well apart from the past 5 years when I haven't stitched at all that is.   I have always loved Blackbird Designs and thought I could spot one of theirs a mile off.  But I'm not so sure.  Anyway I've been looking for this and finally found it in Annie's where it is on a disc from 1997 to 2013!  Wouldn't you just know it - I can't have it - never mind I'll fall in love with something else.  But here it is - just so you know

Goodness knows which JCS Christmas Ornament Issue
it's from and I'm not buying a whole load just to get
one chart.  Surprised you didn't I!!!
Do you think this is a BBD because I do!
Do you want some more freebies?  Here are some of what I found this week:
This was designed by Croix de Christine
and I just thought it was really cute
This is called The Irish Sampler by
The Sampler Girl which is no longer on her website
Snow by Primitive Betty
which is quite apt for the northern states
in the US of A where it has been snowing
and finally

Just a Little Blue Bird with a Tulip
from this Swedish Site which
shares loads of free charts
I do hope you like these freebies as much as I do.  I always think they make great little gifts to take somewhere with you instead of flowers or wine.  Oh yeah and I really like birds in my Cross Stitch as well as Samplers which I am totally addicted to.  At least the big ones I seem to like.

I also have hundreds of free Cross Stitch designs on my Pinterest Boards as well as finishing and how to finish and quilting and cooking and dieting.

So until next time
Have fun stitching
and please leave a comment so I know you've been here

Patti xxx

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

I have to admit ...

I LOVE freebies.  Not because they are free but because they are so little and cute and you can make them into the most amazing gifts and even things for yourself.  In particular I love these ones that I haven't been able to find the charts for anywhere and trust me when I say I've looked and looked and looked and looked - from one board to another to another to another.  Not entirely sure if the first one was a freebie because I would gladly pay for it but the girl (and I say that because I think she is) who stitched and made this piece of gorgeousness hasn't blogged in almost 5 years but I have got up off my brain and emailed the girl in question today

Don't you think this is just PERFECT?
So that was my number one want.  My number two want which I know is free is this one and I just adore it

Stunning Winter Freebie from
Now this one was/is a Free Chart if you bought a chart from this lovely French Lady in France, of course!  I have to say as a large Pinterest user and has been looking for this FREE chart I have been absolutely disgusted by the number of people who are pinning TraLaLa charts that are NOT free.  The lady that designs these gorgeous charts so doesn't deserve this and I wish those people who are doing this would STOP!  If you think about it the chart is the cheapest part of the whole project and you have it forever.

Okay rant over.  Don't you, well I do, just love it when people make little things out of larger charts. I don't mean they stitch over one I mean they take a little something and make a GREAT something out of it just like this little thing

Cute or what!?!

Now I'm going to show you a couple of my favourite little things to stitch.
Isn't just the sweetest and this
is not my photo because although
I have stitched her many times stupid has
never taken a photo and this is Siobhan
and hope she will forgive me
She is obviously called Mary Little 1840 and was designed by The Good Huswife and is meant to go on 32ct linen using DMC threads but I have been known to use 40count and other threads like silk and variegated just because .......

And here are a couple of FREE Charts I have found on my travels over Pinterest and I do hope you enjoy them

Pretty for Spring isn't it
Well it's going to be Feb 14
at the end of the week and you would
have time to stitch and finish this little thing
Just a little thing for you friend
Well that's all from me for now
Except to say

Ta Ta For now (that's Brit talk)

Patti xxx
American by MOUTH and birth
but British in every other way

because if you don't I won't know who visits

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Nothing to Stitch ...

... yeah right.  But you see I saw this chart and you know how some charts just speak to you.  Well this one positively screamed at me. YOU HAVE TO HAVE ME!!!  See it screamed!  I hate being screamed or yelled out but I need this - it isn't a case of want honest it isn't.  

This is a true NEED!!!  See now I'm screaming.  As if - I do not scream or yell - well not much anymore.  I did that way back when my kids were young and I sure yelled at them.  I was a really good yeller!

So do you want to know what is screaming/yelling at me.  I will show it to you bit by bit because in the whole it is just too much and it really yells at me.

Glimpse Number 1
She can be called Esther Copp 1965 or...
Now I shall show you a little - okay it isn't really - bit more

I really hope she isn't yelling at you
because I NEED this
Finally I thought I would show you some more - a lot more.  So here goes now I don't want you to NEED this too so if you think you will just don't look okay.  OKAY

This beauty to ME ONLY was stitched by
Iguna Krastina
who is on Facebook from the above link
But I'm not sure if she has a Blog or not but her stitching is phenomenal that is for sure.  And here is the whole thing.  See I told you it would be too much all in one go.

And it is also called Sonington Sampler
So I need this please and if anybody has it and want to sell it to me I promise I will return it to you and you will never know it has even been used.  I am anal with charts and books and when I'm finished reading or using a chart one could never tell it has been opened.  So I never join or go to libraries because other people aren't as anal as I am.

Thanks for reading my blog
and if you so desire I love to read
your comments so that I know you've
been here - otherwise however
will I know

Patti xxx

Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Entire Over One and The Postman Bringith .....


It's me again.  Well here is the whole of the Over One of "Where The Heart Blooms" by Blackbird Designs including the stand I used

Except for my initials it is all over one.  In order to get the
words "Home is where my heart blooms" in I had
to omit the second snow covered flower with the bird :-(

Now for what the Mailman (Postman) brought me today.  These are them - don't worry I've had loads of other stuff from the Scarlet Letter and from The Patchwork Rabbit who are having a 25% off sale on all Scarlet Letter Sampler Charts.  Guess Karla isn't going to stock them anymore :-(

This is Jenny Bean that I really love
but I shall have to change the wording
This is the Green Linen Sampler
So that nobody ever tries to pass these off
as originals I shall stitch my name on the front and
put the Stitchers name underneath
where it can't be seen
And from my old favorite
Blackbird Designs I bought this
one too.  LOVE IT

I must admit I am not the happy with the way you click on the photos now.  It used to be, back in the day, you double clicked on the photo and it got bigger - like the same size that it was originally taken - though apart from my one at the top I copied these from The Patchwork Rabbit website.  

I am really sorry they will no longer be selling Scarlet Letter charts but I shall get over this.  They were the only ones left in this country selling them and I have bought a few from Karla I must admit.  I just wish my darn thumb would get better so I could sew again.  This is now getting very boring.


Until Next Time

Huge Hugs

Patti xxx
My Pinterest Page which has thousands of good stuff on it

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Over One

I promised somebody, sorry I can't remember who, on either The Sampler Board on FaceBook or else on The Scarlet Letter board on Facebook that I would share my over one stitching with them. But, as is my want these days, I promptly forgot.  So here it is.  The first photo is of Where My Heart Blooms by Blackbird Designs stitched as it should have been over two with the words over one.  As you can see I stitched mine three years earlier and haven't done much stitching since them to be honest, and none at all, until now, for the past 5 years.  But I've started again and am as obsessed as I was before I stopped. So without further ado here are the photos

Sorry but my photo taking isn't good and it's really dull outside which
never makes for a good photo.  But this is the best picture I could take of
my over one and trust me I tried.  In the photos I can't see
that it looks particularly better than the over 2 but it is a quarter
of the size of the over two.  The only thing that is stitched over
2 were my initials.  If the weather gets brighter here in the week
I will post another photo which is hopefully better.

This is stitched over two with the words only over one
but by whom I know not - sorry if I stole yours please let
me know and I will, of course, give you credit for this lovely
piece of stitching.
I do hope you have enjoyed seeing my over one stitching.  It would have been better really if there had been no over one on the piece at all but I didn't think about it to be honest.  You can see that I had to miss out the second little bird and snow covered plant because there just wasn't enough room for it and the words and I thought the words more important.

That's all for now except to say
Hugs to you all
Patti xxx
So please leave me one to let me know you've been here

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

HELP!!! please

Not really trouble just I don't know how to import photos to Instagram and can't find out how.  Could somebody please let me know how to do this.  I'm not an idiot, honestly I'm not, I just can't remember so I need help.

Okay now for the good stuff.  I know you are going to think I'm crazy as I was only a one at a person type of stitcher but I have changed - A LOT!  This is what I'm currently going to be stitching on as soon as the silk arrives for Mary Hurst 1661 she will be started.  So here is what I am intending on stitching on this coming year and finishing having stitched on each one at least once a day in rotation and fitting in other stuff in between.

Plus And They Sinned.  The first one is Mary Hurst 1661, second is The American Quaker Sampler and the third is Mary Gail.  So please wish me luck with these cause I think I'm gonna need it.

I have also decided what sewing machine I want.  It's the Brother Innovis 35 and has everything I want in a machine.  Not too complicated and not too many stitches and not too many controls.  But it does have a needle up/down button, a slider thingy that lets you choose how fast you are going, variable needle positions so I can get a scant 1/4" seam, and a unique needle threading system which will make me so happy.  I really looked at all the machines on the market and this one is the best for me.  Now all I have to do is save up for it or sell some of my legendary stash.  I think the second option is probably the best idea.

So until next time

Huge Hugs
Patti xxx