Friday, 22 May 2015

I know it's been over a month - sorry

So sorry people.  But on the other hand I have decided that I have lost my teeny tiny mind - that's if I have one.  Why?  Because I was going to kit up Mary Gail - that's her underneath here

as stitched by Nicola Parkman
The link is to Nicola's Blog

with fabric and silks (mad woman) when I already have Mary Hurst kitted up and ready to go.  I really am totally nuts.  And this is Mary Hurst here

Mary Hurst 1661
with linen and silks and everything.  Mad as a hatter that's me.  Can I blame my MS on this.  No I think not.  Just pure crazy I am.  This I have decided all by myself without any help from my DH - in fact he didn't even know what I was going to do.  Thank g-d for that!

Again by Nicola Parkman

Nicola has actually finished Part V but I haven't even started it yet. To be utterly truthful I think that Mary Hurst is scaring me but I shall do what Nicola did and have a piece of cloth that I can practice some of the stitches on.  Okay not some mainly one ... the detached buttonhole which scares me to death but it does look gorgeous.

I also have started a teeny bit on The American Quaker Sampler byThe Scarlet Letter too and that is also kitted up with silk. Britta Jenkinson was stitching this about 6 years ago and it was love at first sight. 

And I have had And They Sinned for years with a teeny tiny bit done and obviously this one is kitted up too with all the Sampler Threads it called for.

And They Sinned
(aka as ATS)

So all in all I am not buying another thing.  Except I have already and I will show you as soon as my lazy ass get's off this couch and takes a photo of all that I have bought to replace what I sold five years ago. Well one needs stash doesn't one?  (how British does that sound.)

Finally if you have Multiple Sclerosis or know of somebody that does please let them know I have a new blog on it.  Why suddenly?  Because I thought maybe, but maybe I could help somebody.  The blog's address is My Multiple Sclerosis how original is that??? NOT I know!

Until next time.

Lots of Hugs

Patti xxx