Friday, 20 March 2015

I know I'm addicted to Freebies

and stitching of course except I still can't.  But I can look, can't I? Of course I can!  Sorry I haven't been around lately but I figured I had nothing to share and you wouldn't be interested in my babbling over nothing.

Hopefully darn thumb will be fixed on Monday morning but if not then the following week.  I miss stitching so much.  But my poor thumb really burns and hurts and it is weirdest trigger finger (or thumb) you've ever seen because instead of bending down it sticks straight up and can't bend - at least not without excruciating pain.

Okay change of subject from thumb.  I have been looking at smalls because I have quite a few big things to stitch - one needs a bit of frogging and the rest have yet to be started.  And I really like stitching smalls and making them up - always have - well apart from the past 5 years when I haven't stitched at all that is.   I have always loved Blackbird Designs and thought I could spot one of theirs a mile off.  But I'm not so sure.  Anyway I've been looking for this and finally found it in Annie's where it is on a disc from 1997 to 2013!  Wouldn't you just know it - I can't have it - never mind I'll fall in love with something else.  But here it is - just so you know

Goodness knows which JCS Christmas Ornament Issue
it's from and I'm not buying a whole load just to get
one chart.  Surprised you didn't I!!!
Do you think this is a BBD because I do!
Do you want some more freebies?  Here are some of what I found this week:
This was designed by Croix de Christine
and I just thought it was really cute
This is called The Irish Sampler by
The Sampler Girl which is no longer on her website
Snow by Primitive Betty
which is quite apt for the northern states
in the US of A where it has been snowing
and finally

Just a Little Blue Bird with a Tulip
from this Swedish Site which
shares loads of free charts
I do hope you like these freebies as much as I do.  I always think they make great little gifts to take somewhere with you instead of flowers or wine.  Oh yeah and I really like birds in my Cross Stitch as well as Samplers which I am totally addicted to.  At least the big ones I seem to like.

I also have hundreds of free Cross Stitch designs on my Pinterest Boards as well as finishing and how to finish and quilting and cooking and dieting.

So until next time
Have fun stitching
and please leave a comment so I know you've been here

Patti xxx