Tuesday, 10 February 2015

I have to admit ...

I LOVE freebies.  Not because they are free but because they are so little and cute and you can make them into the most amazing gifts and even things for yourself.  In particular I love these ones that I haven't been able to find the charts for anywhere and trust me when I say I've looked and looked and looked and looked - from one board to another to another to another.  Not entirely sure if the first one was a freebie because I would gladly pay for it but the girl (and I say that because I think she is) who stitched and made this piece of gorgeousness hasn't blogged in almost 5 years but I have got up off my brain and emailed the girl in question today

Don't you think this is just PERFECT?
So that was my number one want.  My number two want which I know is free is this one and I just adore it

Stunning Winter Freebie from
Now this one was/is a Free Chart if you bought a chart from this lovely French Lady in France, of course!  I have to say as a large Pinterest user and has been looking for this FREE chart I have been absolutely disgusted by the number of people who are pinning TraLaLa charts that are NOT free.  The lady that designs these gorgeous charts so doesn't deserve this and I wish those people who are doing this would STOP!  If you think about it the chart is the cheapest part of the whole project and you have it forever.

Okay rant over.  Don't you, well I do, just love it when people make little things out of larger charts. I don't mean they stitch over one I mean they take a little something and make a GREAT something out of it just like this little thing

Cute or what!?!

Now I'm going to show you a couple of my favourite little things to stitch.
Isn't just the sweetest and this
is not my photo because although
I have stitched her many times stupid has
never taken a photo and this is Siobhan
and hope she will forgive me
She is obviously called Mary Little 1840 and was designed by The Good Huswife and is meant to go on 32ct linen using DMC threads but I have been known to use 40count and other threads like silk and variegated just because .......

And here are a couple of FREE Charts I have found on my travels over Pinterest and I do hope you enjoy them

Pretty for Spring isn't it
Well it's going to be Feb 14
at the end of the week and you would
have time to stitch and finish this little thing
Just a little thing for you friend
Well that's all from me for now
Except to say

Ta Ta For now (that's Brit talk)

Patti xxx
American by MOUTH and birth
but British in every other way

because if you don't I won't know who visits

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Nothing to Stitch ...

... yeah right.  But you see I saw this chart and you know how some charts just speak to you.  Well this one positively screamed at me. YOU HAVE TO HAVE ME!!!  See it screamed!  I hate being screamed or yelled out but I need this - it isn't a case of want honest it isn't.  

This is a true NEED!!!  See now I'm screaming.  As if - I do not scream or yell - well not much anymore.  I did that way back when my kids were young and I sure yelled at them.  I was a really good yeller!

So do you want to know what is screaming/yelling at me.  I will show it to you bit by bit because in the whole it is just too much and it really yells at me.

Glimpse Number 1
She can be called Esther Copp 1965 or...
Now I shall show you a little - okay it isn't really - bit more

I really hope she isn't yelling at you
because I NEED this
Finally I thought I would show you some more - a lot more.  So here goes now I don't want you to NEED this too so if you think you will just don't look okay.  OKAY

This beauty to ME ONLY was stitched by
Iguna Krastina
who is on Facebook from the above link
But I'm not sure if she has a Blog or not but her stitching is phenomenal that is for sure.  And here is the whole thing.  See I told you it would be too much all in one go.

And it is also called Sonington Sampler
So I need this please and if anybody has it and want to sell it to me I promise I will return it to you and you will never know it has even been used.  I am anal with charts and books and when I'm finished reading or using a chart one could never tell it has been opened.  So I never join or go to libraries because other people aren't as anal as I am.

Thanks for reading my blog
and if you so desire I love to read
your comments so that I know you've
been here - otherwise however
will I know

Patti xxx