Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Entire Over One and The Postman Bringith .....


It's me again.  Well here is the whole of the Over One of "Where The Heart Blooms" by Blackbird Designs including the stand I used

Except for my initials it is all over one.  In order to get the
words "Home is where my heart blooms" in I had
to omit the second snow covered flower with the bird :-(

Now for what the Mailman (Postman) brought me today.  These are them - don't worry I've had loads of other stuff from the Scarlet Letter and from The Patchwork Rabbit who are having a 25% off sale on all Scarlet Letter Sampler Charts.  Guess Karla isn't going to stock them anymore :-(

This is Jenny Bean that I really love
but I shall have to change the wording
This is the Green Linen Sampler
So that nobody ever tries to pass these off
as originals I shall stitch my name on the front and
put the Stitchers name underneath
where it can't be seen
And from my old favorite
Blackbird Designs I bought this
one too.  LOVE IT

I must admit I am not the happy with the way you click on the photos now.  It used to be, back in the day, you double clicked on the photo and it got bigger - like the same size that it was originally taken - though apart from my one at the top I copied these from The Patchwork Rabbit website.  

I am really sorry they will no longer be selling Scarlet Letter charts but I shall get over this.  They were the only ones left in this country selling them and I have bought a few from Karla I must admit.  I just wish my darn thumb would get better so I could sew again.  This is now getting very boring.


Until Next Time

Huge Hugs

Patti xxx
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  1. It's perfect. I can only do over one on certain types of linen, but avoid it whenever I can! Sorry about your SL source.

  2. Lovely! How did you attach it to the stand? I love the finish.