Sunday, 14 December 2014

I am so not upset anymore

You wouldn't believe it but Larry (my darling husband - and yes he is British and his mother really did name him Larry and it's not short for anything) had picked up the post and thought that the two brown stiff envelopes were from the book company I had ordered the two smaller grandchildren's'

Son, Darling Daughter-in-law, and 5 year old Grandson and 3 year old Granddaughter
books for Chanukah (that's Christmas to the rest of you but earlier).  However he never noticed, and I must admit neither did I, that  they were different sizes and it wasn't until last night when I was walking upstairs that I looked down the stairs that I noticed.  One was the books (I hope cause I haven't opened it up yet) and the other one was the parcel from Karla with  all my stuff in it.  So it didn't get lost at all and I have it and am going to serge (overlock) the fabric tomorrow and I have more fabric to serge because I have only just bought another one.  Long story but I sold my original one about 4 years ago because I was never going to stitch again and here I am stitching again and loving every second of it.

This is some things I stitched in the past

Until next time

Patricia xxx

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